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The Vision of The Center Lehigh Valley

Glorify God
 Redeem Lives
  Transform Communities


The Center Lehigh Valley is committed to reclaiming the founding purpose of the City of Bethlehem to be a center for sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

We endeavor to accomplish this through 5 Missions:
Worship — Providing a place for believers to gather and worship corporately.
Prayer — Providing a place for believers to gather and intercede 24/7.
Training — Providing a place for believers to grow in the knowledge of God's word, study for ministry positions
Outreach/Missions — Providing a place for the believers to GO! BE THE LIGHT!
Business — Providing a place for believers in the marketplace to learn business principles and entrepreneurial skills that will create wealth for their families and to advance the Kingdom of God


It is our goal that every one we reach be redeemed, healed, delivered,
and then equipped to:
  • Go into the community and ‘be the light’.
  • Speak the Word of God with wisdom & understanding.
  • Share their faith with confidence.
  • Teach the basics of discipleship.
  • Care/shepherd one or two people in addition to their family.

Prophetic Word - September 9th, 2017

And the Lord says, "Many will come, "I'll come and go to the mountain of the Lord and He will teach us His ways."

And so the Lord says "it will be a teaching center, it will be a revival center, it will be a harvest center, it'll be a worship center, it'll be the 24 hour prayer, its going to be all those things. But enlarge the place of your tent. I'm going to make new things.

Cindy Jacobs, Generals International.